Pin Grading

Pin Grading

Pins will be categorized into Standard Grade and Seconds Grade. All pins sold will be standard grade, unless stated otherwise. Please keep in mind, enamel pins are handmade items, which means no pin will be perfect. Every batch of pins made will vary in their imperfections/flaws, but I will do my best to provide the best quality pins. 


With this in mind, please see below for more detailed grading standard.


Standard Grade

Standard grade pins are the best ones from the batch made. For each design certain flaws may appear consistently across the batch. Those flaws will be considered a part of the standard grade for the pin.


No Major defects but may exhibit minor imperfections that can be seen under very close inspection and/or when light hits the pin at a certain angle.

  • Stray glitter
  • Low-fill or slight overfill of enamel in small areas
  • Slightly misaligned screen printing
  • Small traces of random debris (dust, specs, etc)
  • Tiny bubbles in the enamel or epoxy coating
  • Imperfections on the sides or the back of the pin
  • Slight discolouration to enamel and/ or screen print
  • Minor scratches, scuffs, and dents to the metal/ enamel surfaces
  • Minor imperfection to the metal plating



Seconds Grade

Seconds grade will have more noticeable minor defeats and/or major defects. 

  • Missing or wrong colour enamel fill
  • Large underfill/overfill of enamel
  • Heavy scratching on enamel or metal plating
  • Tarnished/ chipped metal plating
  • Large dents, and many bubbles
  • Missing screen printing and/ or very misaligned screen printing
  • Multiple noticeable defeats
  • Bent post
  • Other flaws that may be seen on the pin




Flaws differ from pin to pin and are chosen at random when orders are being fulfilled. Please keep in mind the above grading scheme when purchasing.

Colours from the actual product may vary compared to what you see on screen. Seconds grade pins may not come with a backing card.


By purchasing from kfaangshop you agree to these conditions and pin grading.

Thank you.